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Session Length: 89 minutes
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
May 08, 2011
Treatment of P Vivax Malaria

  • Define the basic strategy for radical cure of acute P. vivax malaria attacks in different endemic settings.
  • List treatment pitfalls with primaquine, the only therapeutic option against relapsing forms called hypnozoites.
  • Be able to recognize and manage treatment failures of P. vivax infections.

Doxy, Mefloquine or Malarone?

  • List the drug options for chemoprophylaxis.
  • To assess the importance of adverse effects of the three main options, mefloquine, atovaquone-proguanil and doxycyclin.
  • Identify the options of changing the malaria protection measures while experiencing adve

Where Are We Going?

  • List the options of malaria protection in a changing (i.e. declining) transmission epidemiology worldwide,
  • Describe the concepts of malaria protection beyond chemoprophylaxis, respecting the weight of pros and cons.
  • To assess the value of visionary concepts of malaria protection in the light of other arthropod borne infections among travelers.

Speaker Information
Kevin Baird   [ view bio ]
Thomas Löscher
Louis Loutan   [ view bio ]
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